Greetings, your friend
has invited you to participate in an exciting and pioneering way to
define and implement your long-term life goals!

Define and Compete

You'll be joining a group of men on an ambitious journey of defining your individual goals, planning them in your calendars, and then challenging yourself and your brothers to see who can top the weekly committment leaderboard!

Firm Committment Required

To particpate in Fellows requires a firm and honourable committment, so please consider carefully if you are ready to take on this undertaking.

New App - Fellows

The group's journey will be assisted by a new app called Fellows, which has been conceived and developed by Stephen Wulwik.

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Fellows is a big fan of Dr Jordan Peterson, Professory of Psychology at the University Of Toronto, and his life changing Self Authoring suite as well as his personality testing software.
To level the playing field, we'll all be using Peterson's Future Authoring program to define our unique and meaningful long-term goals. Additionally, each of us has an inherent level of trait Conscientiousness, one of the Big 5 Personality factors. This factor directly influences how self-motivated we are, and you'll be asked to find out your level of Conscientiousness by taking Peterson's Big 5 Personality test. We'll be using this score to help break any ties in the Fellows game (i.e. if you score lower on Conscientiousness than someone who is tied in the game with you, you'll be ranked above them). Plus, this test is a fantastic insight into oneself and our inherent natures. lectus ultricies eu. In convallis amet leo sapien iaculis efficitur.